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Our school, situated in Triolet in the north of the island, started in 1979 as a mixed school with boys and girls coexisting in a true spirit of camaraderie.
By 1991, Lady Sushil Ramgoolam became a Girls' college and over the years it has forged its own individuality. It has created an ethos conducive to the full development of students and solidarity among teachers, school management, pupils and the community.
Our approach to all areas of college life - curriculum, pastoral care, extra and co-curricular activities reflects our commitment to our vision and mission. The greatest strength of the college lies in the diversity of the opportunities it offers to students. We are proud of the rich and varied curriculum (Sciences, Economics, Languages, Art, Music, Dance, Cookery among many others) and the continually expanding learning choices we offer to students. We are also proud of our outstanding system of pastoral care that enables us to address the needs of students and foster in each individual a feeling of belonging and of self worth. The college is also credited with a wide spectrum of extra and co-curricular activities and the diverse talents and achievements of our students confirm that education does not take place within the classroom only, much of it occurs outside the formal system
Parents have entrusted their daughters to LSR SSS to prepare and train confident and competent young women to be well equipped to contribute to the world beyond school. We are committed to give students the best opportunities and facilities for their intellectual , physical, emotional and social development.
This is a very daunting task and success is achieved with the contribution of two greatest assets of the college: its teaching and non teaching staff.
We therefore all stand together in serried ranks and assume the heavy responsibilities that confront us, for, together we stand but apart we fall.